Which Recliner Is Best For You?

Which Recliner Is Best For YouFinding your perfect recliner can be a lot of fun, however with so many styles, shapes, colors, patterns and fabrics to choose from, how to pick the perfect one, right?  I’m sure you already have some idea what style of recliner is best for you, however a little guide on what to look out for when choosing your recliner, can only help.  In this article, lets have a look at the 5 main areas you should consider before buying a recliner.  Hopefully, you will have your recliner for several years to come, so it is best to buy the perfect one, not only for you but for your home also, because you will be seeing it and using it a lot.

  • Body Size –

    First of all, what type of body have you?  Are you short, tall, heavy, petite, wide or average.  If you are an average size person, then you can basically buy which ever recliner you like and it will probably suit you fine.  However, if you are bigger or smaller than average, then fortunately there are many options to choose from.  If you are very tall, then a recliner suitable for big and tall people will suit you perfectly.

    Recliners are available for super tall men, so don’t worry about having your head and neck hanging over the edges.  Also, if you are short, I have found some of the cutest recliners, ideal for short people.   If you are on the heavy side, then heavy duty recliners with weight capacities of 300 lbs, 400 lbs or even 500 lbs will be the ideal choice for you.


  • Room Size For ReclinerRoom Size –

    Not only body size should be taken into consideration when purchasing a recliner.  Room size is just as important.  Measuring the area you plan on placing the recliner is pretty important and also remember that the recliner will have a larger footprint when in the recline position.

    Of course, a wall hugger recliner will take up less space because it can be placed very close to the wall at all times.   It also won’t need to be moved away from the wall every time you want to recline.  However, if your room space is limited, then looking for a small size recliner is important.  There are plenty of recliners for small spaces to choose from, in different styles, colors, fabrics and budgets.  If you have a small home (or even an RV), then you don’t have to miss out on a great looking recliner.  A compact, wall hugger recliner will be the ideal choice.


  • Budget –

    There are so many recliners to choose from and fortunately they are available for every budget.  Sure, there are some recliners with several different features that can cost a lot of money, however there are also very comfortable basic options that can be a real bargain.  Just because a recliner is inexpensive, doesn’t mean it is of low quality.  These recliners under $200 all look great, are of high quality and are all in different styles, so you should find one to match the style of your room.  That being said, the cheaper the recliner is, the more basic it will be, however you should still be able to find a decent quality, comfy recliner on a budget.


  • Features

    As I said earlier, the more features a recliner has, usually the more expensive the recliner is.  Therefore, if you want a recliner that has all the frills like massage, vibrating, heating, zero gravity, then you might have to pay a lot more for it.  But what if you don’t want all of those features.  What if you just want a wall hugger that reclines.  Or maybe you just want a rocker and swivel recliner.  What if you just want a basic recliner that does nothing but recline.  For me, I mostly use my recliner to sleep on, so a basic recliner suits me fine.

    If you just want a basic recliner then you will definitely find a bargain.  I guess my point is, to decide which features are most important to you before you buy and then choose accordingly.   A power lift recliner is ideal for the elderly or disabled and this feature can be essential for people that need assistance standing up and sitting down.



  • Decor For ReclinersDecor –

    Finally it comes down to the style, color, pattern and look of your recliner.  What kind of decor has your apartment?  Does your living room have a rustic feel?  Then maybe a classic armchair look with an earthy color might suit it.  Does your home have a modern, contemporary look?  Then a club chair recliner with a strong color would look great.  Classic, antiques are your thing?  Then a regal, wingback, paisley recliner on legs, could be ideal.

    You probably already have your own style in your home, therefore choosing the right, color, pattern and style of recliner is important to match it.  You want your recliner to stand out but it also needs to blend in.  Also, you want it to stand out because it looks comfortable and awesome, not because it clashes with the decor.

Purchasing a new recliner is a lot of fun and it is exciting waiting for your new comfortable chair to arrive.  However, a little planning is important to make sure you get the right recliner for not only you but also the right recliner for your decor.  There are so many great recliners to choose from in all different prices, shapes, sizes and styles.  I hope after reading this article on ‘which recliner is best for you’, you will make the right decision when buying your perfect recliner.


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