Cheap Recliners on Sale Under $200

Cheap Recliner Chairs Under $200

A recliner chair has become a must have piece of furniture in every home. A good quality recliner offers the ultimate comfort, relaxation and style, however, unfortunately they are so expensive, right? Wrong! 

Recliners not only come in all styles, textures and sizes but they also come in all different prices. Yes, you can get a good quality recliner for a very affordable price. 

In this article, Cheap Recliners on Sale Under $200, you guessed it, I will be reviewing the best recliners on the market for under $200.

And don’t worry, just because the recliner is the lowest price, doesn’t mean it will have the lowest quality. These recliners will be both cheap and comfortable but best of all affordable! 

If you are looking for a great value recliner chair, then read on.

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Cheapest Recliners Under $200 (Best Seller)

Modern Padded Recliner Chair by Homall –

recliner chair under 200 dollars

Wow, this recliner chair is an absolute bargain! For price alone, this recliner will be hard to beat. It is a best seller on Amazon and also has many positive customer reviews, meaning it is not only low in price but has some good quality also.

First of all, this model is quite small in size, so won’t be suitable for tall people. I imagine that this recliner will be fine for people under 5’9″. 

If you are taller than this then you might not be very comfortable on this particular one.

On to the materials. The upholstery is made of faux leather, however it looks really clean and smooth. It is nice to the touch and easy to clean with a damp cloth. 

The seat area is made of high density foam and there is extra padding at the back. With this padding it is a comfortable recliner, if a little on the firm side.

The recliner is very easy to assemble and should take no longer than a couple of minutes. 

It is worth noting that this chair is completely manual and has no handle at the side to ease the back into a recline position. If you want to recline then you need to push back with your back and this should elevate the footrest also.

Overall, this recliner chair is a great value for under $200 and a steal for the price. It has basic features but is durable and I am sure most people will be very happy with what they get for the affordable price.

If you would like to read some more about this under $200 recliner chair and see what other customers thought of it, then follow the link.

Features –

  • Great value recliner chair for under $200
  • Best Seller on Amazon
  • Color – Black or Brown
  • Material – Easy to clean PU leather upholstery, high intensity foam and highly durable steel frame
  • Manual push back recliner design with adjustable footrest
  • Extra padding on backrest
  • More suitable for people under 5’9″
  • Seat Height: 17.7”; Seat Dimensions:19.7″(W) x 22.1″(D); Back Dimensions:20.9″(W) x 29.1″(H); Open Dimensions: 27.6”(W) x 64.2”(D) x 27.9”(H); Closed Dimensions:27.6”(W) x 35.8”(D) x 38.6”(H)
  • Weight Capacity – 265 lbs
  • Homall lifetime exchange warranty: free exchange for installation problems, damage and missing parts
Modern Padded Recliner Chair by Homall

Best Recliner Chair Under $200 (Top Recommendation)

Relax & Restore Recliner by Barcalounger –

bargain recliner chair under $200

This comfy little recliner by Barcalounger is budget friendly, very comfortable, looks great and does what it says on the tin. For the low price, this recliner under $200 is a real bargain and gets my top choice.

The upholstery is soft, smooth and well cushioned. It has a real leather like look and feel to it and looks more expensive than its affordable price. It is well padded and offers a really cushioned seating experience. If you are looking for a recliner for sleeping, then this one is a great option.

This model is a little larger than the previous review and should fit the average size person comfortably. However if you are over 5’9″ then you can expect your feet to be over the edge of the footrest when lying in a full recline position. 

I am afraid this will be the same issue for all recliners around this price and if you are tall and want a large recliner, you will have to pay a higher price.

This recliner is quite solid and durable and with the extra padding is very comfortable for relaxing on. I really like the extra padding on the arms to give that cozy, snug feel to it.

This recliner chair has external handles on the side which allow you to push back and pop the foot rest up. 

Some customers said that pushing the footrest back into the upright closed position is a little difficult, however this is common with manual recliners and should get easier over time.

The chair is very easy to assemble and won’t look out of place in any living room or office.

This recliner is a real bargain and the pick of the bunch. For a recliner under $200 it is no wonder it got such high ratings by so many satisfied customers on Amazon. 

If you are looking for an affordable recliner under $200 that is very comfortable, durable and looks fabulous, then this is my top recommendation.

Features –

  • Great looking, comfortable and durable budget recliner chair
  • Color – Black
  • Realistic faux leather upholstery that is strong and easy to clean
  • Great support and comfort for relaxing and sleeping
  • Soft and plush, pillowed armrest and back
  • Easy to reach side handle for smooth reclining and lifting footrest
  • Dimensions – 35″ Height x 35″ Width x 36.5″ Depth
  • Weight Capacity – Handles 225 lbs comfortably, so should handle more
  • Great value, bargain priced chair
Relax & Restore Recliner by Barcalounger

Wall Hugger Recliners Under $200

Addison Large Contemporary Microfiber Recliner by NHI Express –

wall hugger recliner under $200

Plush, stylish and comfortable contemporary recliner. If you like your chairs well padded and snug, then this comfortable recliner is a great choice. 

This recliner comes in used and new options. Unfortunately, to get under the $200 mark, the recliner will be already used but in good condition. If you would like this recliner brand new, then it costs only a little more than the budget price range ($25 more).

The chair is a classic armchair looking recliner with that wonderful fully padded style. It is quite large and should hold a decent size person comfortably. 

The upholstery is made of microfiber fabric and is not only soft to the touch but also quite easy to keep clean. I especially love the extra padding on the armrests and the back rest is well cushioned also. It is a very comfy chair and well worth the price.

Its larger size makes it suitable for larger people and is the biggest of the chairs reviewed so far. The hardwood frame is also strong and sturdy, so should last.

It is a wall hugger, which is a great feature to have. The chair only needs 4 inches of room between the back and the wall to achieve a full recline extension. 

This chair reclines quite far, so it is great that you don’t need too much room behind it. Very handy for small spaces.

The recliner has a handle at the side to recline the back and pop the footrest up. Once more, you might need a little bit of leg strength to push the footrest back into place, however this is common among recliners.

This model is easy to assemble and arrives in four pieces. The four pieces are simple to attach to each other, with no tools or instructions required.

Overall, I would recommend this recliner for its appearance and quality, however if you want to have it new, then you will have to spend a little over the $200 budget. Check out the price and reviews of this recliner through the link.

Features –

  • Plush and comfortable large recliner chair
  • Extra padding on armrests and back, for snug seating
  • Color – Blue, Chocolate or Mocha
  • Dimensions – 35″ wide by 40″ deep by 40″ high
  • Wall hugger – Only needs 4″ of space from back of recliner to wall, for full extension
  • Materials – Strong hardwood frame and stain resistant microfiber fabric upholstery
  • Weight capacity not stated, however customers of 250 – 300 lbs stated that the recliner handled them well
  • Contemporary armchair appearance
  • Recliner lever on the side
  • Available in used or new
Addison Large Contemporary Microfiber Recliner by NHI Express

Best Recliner Club Chair Under $200

Floral Fabric Recliner Club Chair by Great Deal Furniture –

recliner under $200

This fabric reclining club chair may not look like a recliner but that is why I like it also. 

At first appearance it looks like a classy, modern and very stylish club chair that will look great in any living room. It comes in several different colors , therefore you should find one to suit your decor. 

This club chair recliner is a bargain buy and looks a lot more expensive than its under $200 price tag.

Its a solid and sturdy chair, that should hold someone of around 250 lbs. It is not the largest of chairs, however that is the style of a club chair and they are normally not that large. 

Like other club chairs, they are not well padded, so the back and seat will be on the firm side of comfortable. It is a lovely chair for reading and napping for a couple of hours during the day, but maybe not for many hours at a time.

This is a manual recliner, with no handle. The back reclines when you push it back and the footrest is elevated and closed by pushing with the lower legs. The chair is well packaged on arrival and is very easy to assemble.

This recliner is both functional and comfortable, however its main positive feature is its appearance. It is a great looking chair and it will add a bit of class to any home.  

If you are looking for a classy recliner chair under $200, then look no further than this club chair by Great Deal Furniture.

Features –

  • Classy recliner club chair
  • Colors – Several colors to choose from
  • Dimensions: 34.00″L x 26.75″W x 36.25″H
  • Weight Capacity – Should handle persons of 250 lbs comfortably
  • Manual recliner
  • Solid frame and sturdy birch wood legs
  • Firm but comfortable
  • Great as a reading chair and for an afternoon nap
  • Great for small spaces
  • Assembly required, no tools necessary
  • A very attractive recliner, that will look great in any home
Floral Fabric Recliner Club Chair by Great Deal Furniture

Cheap Recliners On Sale Under $200 (With Ottoman)

Contemporary Black Recliner/Ottoman by Flash Furniture –

budget recliner on sale under $200

I like to give a choice of different recliners when reviewing them and I found a little gem with this chair and ottoman. This recliner is not at all like the other recliners above. 

This recliner is a mixture of an office chair, a gaming chair and a recliner. It looks great and is on sale at a fantastic price.

The recliner and ottoman set comes in 5 different colors and the upholstery is a synthetic leather. 

The chair is pretty well padded, so it is quite soft to sit on. Unlike the other recliners above, this one has a separate footrest (ottoman) which is a good height for the chair. 

If you are watching TV or reading a book or even want to take a nap, the ottoman is a nice little accessory to put your feet on.

The recline feature is managed by a knob at the side of the chair. A twist of the knob allows you to lean back into a recline position. It reclines into a comfortable position for sleeping and relaxing

Another great feature is that the recliner can twist 360 degrees. Similar to a an office chair this is a very convenient feature and allows you access to all sides.

Assembly is required and should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. Any tools necessary for assembly are provided. 

Finally, the recliner and ottoman are very light and can be moved around from place to place very easily.

If you are looking for a recliner/ottoman set that looks great, is comfortable and is a low price, then check out this one by Flash Furniture. 

To have a look at the price and more reviews on Amazon, then follow the link.

Features –

  • Great value contemporary recliner ottoman set
  • Color – Black, Brown, Burgundy, Cream, Palimino
  • Material – Faux leather upholstery
  • Light weight
  • Dimensions – 27.25″ width by 29.4″ depth by 37.5″ height
  • Well padded for extra support and comfort
  • Knob adjusted recliner
  • Swivel seat
  • Light weight
  • Weight capacity 250 lbs
Contemporary Black Recliner/Ottoman by Flash Furniture

What To Expect When Buying Cheap Recliner Chairs Under $200

Just because a recliner is under $200 doesn’t mean it will be poor value and low quality.  There are plenty of bargains online and you should be able to find a good value recliner for that budget. 

However, you do get what you pay for and you can’t expect real leather upholstery for under $200.  That being said, I do find that faux leather quality is definitely improving, so upholstery quality shouldn’t be an issue.

Besides the materials of the recliner, the features it provides will be limited the lower your budget is.  You shouldn’t expect many frills on your recliner, however you should expect a decent quality basic one.  For example, I found it hard to find a rocker recliner for under $200, however I did find a swivel chair. 

The recliner will almost certainly be a manual action, therefore be prepared to put a little effort into reclining the backrest and elevating the footrest.  This will be good for the core and legs muscles, though.

Purchasing a Recliner: A Guide on Which Features to Look For

Many people purchase recliners for their homes with the idea that they are going to be a comfortable piece of furniture. However, many people don’t know what features in particular to look for before making this large purchase. This mini guide will discuss some important features that should be considered before buying a recliner.

Dimensions and Size

When looking at a recliner, the first thing that should be considered is the dimensions and size of the piece. While not all manufacturers will list this information in detail, it is important to find out how big the recliner really is when fully extended. It’s also important that you measure your space before buying a recliner so you know if there will be enough room for your new chair.

Weight limit

The second thing to consider is weight capacity. A decent quality recliner should last for several years, therefore it is important that the chair’s weight capacity matches the user. If you need a chair with a high weight capacity, make sure to find a strong and sturdy recliner.

Upholstery and Design

The third feature to consider is the upholstery and design of the recliner. Many people are looking for a certain style or color scheme when they buy furniture, so it’s important that you don’t overlook this feature. It’s also important that the material is easy to clean, so you can easily maintain your furniture.

Color choices

Another important consideration is the color choices available for a recliner. Many people won’t consider their furniture unless they like the appearance of an item, so it’s a good idea to find out how many colors there are and if you can get matching pieces.

Reclining mechanism and angle

Some recliners also have special features that make them more comfortable. One example of this is a seat position mechanism, which allows the user to adjust how far back or forward they sit in their chair.

If you like to read in bed, it’s important that you find out how far back you can lie down while still being able to read your book comfortably. Recliners with a better reclining angle will be much more useful for this purpose and are worth looking into before making a purchase.

Cushions and Padding

Another important feature to look at is how much padding a recliner has. Features like extra cushioning or a soft padded headrest can make a piece more comfortable, so it’s important that you take this into account before making your final decision.

Recliners can be found in several different shapes and sizes to suit your personal preferences and they can even come with a variety of different features. When you know what to look for, it’s much easier to make a good choice and you’ll find that the reclining chair of your dreams is just a few clicks away.

Taking Care of Your Recliner

Due to the fact that the recliner will be cheaper, it might need a little more maintenance to keep it running smoothly and squeaking free.  A little bit of oiling every now and again should prevent any squeaking and of course taking care of the upholstery is always important.  Keep an eye on the warranty also, and make sure everything is working fine before the warranty is up.

Cleaning And Taking Care Of Synthetic Leather Recliner Material


I hope you found at least one of the cheap recliners on sale under $200 of interest.  I will add more if I find some that are not only good enough quality but also great bargains.  A recliner is a great piece of furniture, that not only looks fabulous but also feels great.  I am happy that they are available for all budgets.

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