What Is A Lift Chair Recliner – And Who Should Have One

What is A Lift Chair Recliner - And Who Should have One

With so many different brands and styles of recliners available on the market these days, it can be a little overwhelming choosing the right one to suit your needs.  With so many different prices and features available, it is important to know what you are buying before you purchase.

Electric lift chair recliners, also known as power lift chair recliners have become a very popular recliner for so many people and it is understandable due to the many useful benefits they provide.  In this article, we will find out what a lift chair is and who should have one.  We will look at the design, benefits, pros and cons of this fantastic device, so that you can make an informed decision on whether it is the right recliner for you.

Lift Chair Design –

A lift chair recliner may look like a regular recliner, however the inside is completely different and is powered by plugging it into an electrical socket.  The chair is easily controlled by pressing buttons on the remote control (attached by a cord).

If there is ever a power outage, the internal back up battery will automatically start.  This handy feature is great if you are in the recline position during a power surge.  The battery will allow you to return the chair back into its regular position, when the electricity is out.

A lift chair will have all the comfort of a regular recliner, however the user controls it by using the remote control, removing all the physical effort needed to use a recliner.  A power lift recliner will not only recline back, it will also move forward to make it easier for the user to sit down.

Who Will Benefit From An Electric Lift Chair –

Lift Chair For The ElderlyAn electric lift chair is ideal for the elderly, disabled and people recovering from surgery.  When people age, their muscles are not as strong as they once were, meaning every day tasks such as sitting down and standing up from a chair become quite difficult.  A power recliner will make these every day task a whole lot easier. With the touch of a button, the user can angle the chair towards them, allowing them to sit down without the need to bend their knees a lot.

Once the user is sitting against the seat, with another touch of a button, the recliner will move back to its original position making the whole process effortless for the elderly user.  When the user wants to stand up again, the same procedure happens and the chair will slowly and smoothly guide them to an almost standing position.

This feature will not only benefit senior people.  Disabled people that find it hard to sit and stand unassisted will greatly benefit from a a power lift recliner.  Also, a person recovering from surgery, such as knee or hip replacements, will love the independence a power recliner can provide them.

Another feature I really like about a power lift recliner is the extra large buttons on the remote control.  There won’t be many buttons on the remote control, therefore they generally make the buttons quite large so that the elderly with arthritic fingers and poor sight can easily press the buttons.

Lift Chair Pros & Cons –

Pros –

  • Smooth and effortless motion
  • Gives independence to the elderly, disabled and injured
  • Takes the pain away from strenuous sitting down and standing up
  • Battery back up mechanism makes it very safe during power outages
  • As comfortable as a regular recliner but extra useful for those that need help sitting and standing
  • Smoother mechanism, therefore less wear and tear, meaning the recliner should last for longer than a regular recliner

Cons –

  • More expensive than a regular recliner
  • Due to having an internal battery etc, it is heavier than a regular recliner, therefore more difficult to move around
  • Compared to a regular recliner, repairing faults will be more expensive
  • A lift chair has to be plugged in to operate, therefore it has to be located near an electrical socket.


Medical Device & Insurance –

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is any equipment that provides therapeutic benefits to a patient in need because of certain medical conditions and/or illnesses.  A power lift recliner qualifies as a medical device, therefore in certain cases, you may be able to have some of the recliner paid for by your insurance.  Part B medical insurance helps pay for some services and products, including ‘Lift Chairs’.

Final Thoughts –

Lift chair recliners have all the benefits of a regular recliner but with the added benefit of motorized actions.  A lift chair is a superb aid for the elderly and disabled. Many people needing human assistance to stand or sit found independence by using a lift chair.  They are a little more expensive than a regular recliner, however if you have insurance, it may cover some of the cost.  To see some examples of lift chairs, follow the link.


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