Best Small Recliners For Small Spaces

Small Recliners For Small Spaces

Many people are down sizing these days whether they want to or have to.  With property prices hitting the roof, smaller places are not only becoming more popular but also becoming a necessity.

Trying to fit large furniture in small spaces can cause big problems because a big chair or sofa can take up more than half of the space in a small scale living room.  Therefore, when purchasing furniture it is important to buy compact, slimline, petite furniture to fit in your house/apartment.

Of course, if you buy small furniture, it will also need to be a suitable size for you.  Therefore, in these reviews on the Best Small Recliners for Small Spaces, I will give not only the dimensions of the recliners but also the weight capacity so that you can estimate if the size and strength of the recliner is suitable for you.

When choosing small space saving recliners, width and depth are the most important measurements.  Height difference won’t affect the footprint and space the recliner takes up in the room, therefore, height should only be taken into account for the person sitting on the chair.

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My #1 Choice For Small Recliners For Small Spaces

Lane Furniture Abbington Hi Leg Recliner –

When it comes to small recliners, the Abbington Hi Leg Recliner by Lane Furniture always gets my top pick.  It is not the smallest recliner available, however, for a compact small size recliner it beats all others for style and strength.  

Built by Lane Furniture, a trusted American company building recliners for satisfied customers for decades. You can guarantee that this space saver is one of the best on the market.

When buying furniture online, it is always best to buy from a reputable company.  Lane Furniture are one of the most trusted companies in recliner chair production, with a great reputation for making recliners that not only look great but that are also built to last.

So what has the Abbington recliner got to offer.  First of all, I simply love its appearance and design.  Small space saving recliners need that extra bit of class compared to the larger robust chair and this classic recliner has tons of style.  It is certainly a classy looking recliner that will add a touch of style to any room.  

Also, it has several different colors to choose from, so you should be able to find a design to suit your decor.  This recliner is not an overly padded chair that you will sink into. However, it is a comfortable recliner, with good solid support.

The recliner dimensions are 40″ in height by 37″ in depth by 33″ in width.  Not the smallest recliner available, however its compact size will definitely make it a space saver in any tiny room. 

Even though this recliner has a small footprint it is still a strong and sturdy chair and has a weight capacity of roughly 250 lbs.  I am not surprised by this because Lane Furniture is well known for making very sturdy chairs.  

Unfortunately the Abbington recliner is not a wall hugger.  However, it only needs approximately 12″ between the wall and the back of the chair. This will allow it enough space to go into a full recline.  Also, the recliner only weighs 59 pounds so it is not the heaviest chair to move around.

This compact space saving recliner not only looks fantastic but is also solid and of high quality.  If you want a stylish compact recliner for your living room then I recommend this Abbington Hi Leg Recliner by Lane Furniture.

Details –

  • Color : 9 colors to choose from
  • Overall dimensions :  40″ height by 37″ depth by 33″ width
  • Weight : 59 lbs
  • Weight capacity : 250 lbs
  • Compact and solidly built
  • Wall saver : No (roughly 12″ of space between the back of the seat and wall needed for full recline)
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Lane Furniture has a great reputation and decades of experience making recliners
  • Made in the USA
Lane Furniture Abbington Hi Leg Recliner

Top Value Small Recliners For Apartments

Lucas Light Beige Fabric Recliner Club Chair –

This Lucas Light Beige Recliner Club Chair is another stylish chair. However, compared to the Abbington recliner above, the Lucas recliner is more contemporary looking.

When looking for small recliners for apartments, this little club chair jumped out at me. It is the smallest I could find with dimensions of only 27″ width x 34.75″ depth x 36.25 ” height.  Any smaller than this and it will be entering the kids range. 

Even though it is miniature in size, it still has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.  

The Lucas recliner is made of sturdy hardwood with a soft beige fabric upholstery.  Although it is not a wall saver, it only weighs 60 lbs, therefore, one of the easier chairs to move around.

A feature I really like about the Lucas Recliner is that you can choose how far you want to recline.  If you want to recline partially, half way or fully recline, then you can choose which position.

Another thing I really like about this recliner is the price.  It is not the cheapest you will find but compared to the cheaper options it is miles ahead.

If you are looking for small recliners for apartments, that not only look great but are inexpensive, then the Lucas Light Beige Recliner Club Chair is the perfect option for you.

Details –

  • Color : Light Beige
  • Overall dimensions :  27″ width x 34.75″ depth x 36.25 ” height
  • Seat dimensions : 22″ depth x 20″ width x 16.5″ height
  • Weight : 60 lbs
  • Weight Capacity :  Around 250 lbs
  • Wall saver : No
  • Contemporary style recliner
  • Solid yet comfortable chair
  • Great value
  • Multi position recline
Lucas Light Beige Fabric Recliner Club Chair

Best Small Wall Hugger Recliners For Small Spaces

ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair –

Wall huggers are great recliner chairs for small spaces.  The beauty of small wall hugger recliners are that they basically hug the wall and can still recline fully.  This means that you can place it against a wall, out of the way and economise the valuable but limited free space in your living room.

This Prolounger only needs 4″ from the back of seat to the wall to allow a full recline.  This chair is more padded than the other two recliner reviews and has more of a classic armchair look.   

The ProLounger cushions are filled with high density foam, polyester fiber and the chair has an independently wrapped pocket coil spring system for added comfort and support. The extra padding on this chair makes it a nice choice for a sleeper recliner, so expect a few naps on it, every now and again.

The dimensions of this chair are 37.8″ depth x 34.8″ width x 39.5″ height.  I couldn’t find the weight capacity of this chair, however, some customer reviews stated that it is quite narrow between the armrests (possibly 17.5″).  So take that into account before purchasing as it may not be suitable for those with very wide hips.

This recliner is not bulky and is quite compact, therefore will have a small footprint in tiny rooms.  It is also a cosy style chair, so if comfort is very important, then this chair is a nice option.

If you are looking for a small wall hugger recliners for small spaces, then I recommend the ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair as a good value option.

Details –

  • Colors – Brown or Khaki
  • Overall dimensions : 37.8″ depth x 34.8″ width x 39.5″ height
  • Seat dimensions : Customer reviewer stated that there is 17.5″ between the armrests
  • Weight capacity : unknown
  • Cushions filled with high density foam and polyester fiber for added comfort
  • Independently wrapped pocket coil spring system for added support
  • Wall hugger : Yes ( less than 4″ needed between wall and back of chair)
  • Good Value
  • Great comfort
  • Compact
ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair

Modern Recliners For Small Spaces

Modern Massage Recliner Chair with Ottoman by Best Choice Products –

This modern recliner for small spaces is a real find and not only very stylish looking but has also some lovely massage features, all for a surprisingly budget price.  This recliner will definitely be added to my cheap recliner chairs under $200 post, as it is a real bargain.

First of all, as you can see the recliner looks very classy, with a mixture of a gaming chair and office recliner put together.  If you find yourself sitting down at your computer a lot, then this compact reclining chair would be a perfect choice. 

Available in a black or brown, the PU leather upholstery is not only smooth to the touch but is also easy to keep clean and very robust.  The back rest is double padded and the armrests are well cushioned also, making the seating experience very comfortable.  It is also solidly built with a respectable 250 lbs weight capacity.  The recliner measures 27”- 46”(L) x 29”(W) x 41”(H),   which is reasonably small and should fit perfectly into any small space.

Besides its main reclining feature that allows you to lie back and take a comfortable sleep, the real bonus feature of this small recliner is the massage programs.   This little recliner is equipped with 5 pre-programmed massages, 9 intensity levels, and 2 modes to knead the upper and lower back, thighs, and calves.  These features are great for lying back and allowing the vibrations to relax and soothe your aching muscles and then send you off to a relaxing sleep.

Another feature I love about this contemporary reclining chair is the ottoman that comes with it.  It is a nice comfortable stool for you to put your feet up, while you enjoy the benefits of the recliner and the massage features.

Of course, this compact recliner looks fabulous but it also gives a big bang for your buck.  I’m sure once tested, people would imagine that this recliner is a lot more expensive than its actual price.  If you want a sleek, stylish modern recliner for small spaces, then look no further than this awesome small reclining massage chair by Best Choice Products.

Details –

  • Sleek modern recliner, ideal for small spaces
  • Massage recliner and ottoman set , easy-to-clean PU leather and a sturdy metal frame
  • Equipped with 5 pre-programmed massages, 9 intensity levels, and 2 modes to knead the upper and lower back, thighs, and calves
  • Double-padded backrest, with soft cushions on the armrests and seat, for extra comfort
  • Wireless massage controller for added convenience
  • Built-in side pocket pouch for easy remote control access and storage
  • Chair Dimensions: 27”- 46”(L) x 29”(W) x 41”(H)
  • Chair Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Superb Value
  • Bargain Price
Modern Massage Recliner Chair with Ottoman by Best Choice Products

Quick Guide On Buying Small Recliners For Small Spaces

Dimensions –

An obvious one but important.  When adding a piece of furniture to a small room, measure the area you are going to place the furniture before you buy anything.  It won’t take more than a couple of minutes and will save a lot of hassle later when your purchase arrives and it doesn’t fit.  This is especially important for recliners because they change in dimensions when they recline. 

A wall hugger will not need that much extra space when in the recline position, however a regular recliner will need a few inches extra space between the wall and the back of the recliner when the recliner is fully back.  Also don’t forget the extra space the footrest will take up (when in the recline position) with your feet over the edge as well.

Price –

Fortunately, one of the perks of buying anything small is the price usually reflects the size of the product.  A small reclining chair will generally be cheaper than a large heavy duty recliner.  However, you do get what you pay for, so don’t expect many frills when you pay a budget price.  I like to find the best value recliners to review and I believe I found a nice mixture of quality and bargain price, in the reviews above.

Weight Capacity –

The weight capacity of the recliner will also reflect the size of the chair.  In general, a small recliner will have a smaller weight limit compared to a larger recliner.  That being said, the compact recliners above have a weight capacity of around 250 – 300 lbs, which is pretty decent in my opinion.

Conclusion –

Recliners are wonderful pieces of furniture and have become so popular these days, that they are a must have for most homes.  Not every home or person is the same size, so thankfully recliners are available in all different shapes, styles and sizes. 

If you have a small home, then a recliner with a small footprint can easily fit into your floor space.  I hope you found this article on Small Recliners For Small Spaces helpful and I hope you were able to not only see some of the types of small recliners that are available but were also able to find the ideal compact recliner for your small space.

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