Is Sleeping In A Recliner Healthy?

Is Sleeping In A Recliner Healthy? – Medical Benefits Of A Sleeper Recliner

Medical Benefits Of A Sleeper ReclinerWhen purchasing a recliner, most people imagine being able to lie back at an angle, watch TV, read a book and relax in a very comfortable position.  Recliners are awesome pieces of furniture and for many people, a living room isn’t the same without one.  I agree, my recliner is my favorite piece of home furniture, even more than my bed.  However recliners are not all about relaxing and taking naps during the weekends.

Recliner chairs have got some real health benefits for people suffering from certain medical conditions, in fact some recliners are considered medical devices because they make life so much easier for patients.  In this article, I will be listing some of the medical conditions that will benefit from recliner use, especially for sleeping on.  If you have one of these conditions, then it might be worth looking at a recliner as a way of making your everyday life much easier.

Medical Benefits Of A Recliner

Sleep Apnea –

Sleep Apnea is a serious sleep disorder that affects a person’s breathing when they are sleeping.  The person stops breathing when asleep, and if this is not alarming enough, it could even happen a hundred times a night.  One of the main dangers of this is that the brain and the rest of the body will not get enough oxygen due to the interrupted breathing.  Untreated, Sleep Apnea can cause some serious health conditions, however it will also affect the everyday life of a person with the condition.

Medical devices to help breathing or even surgery may be needed, however something as simple as changing sleeping positions might help.  The most common reason for Sleep Apnea is the collapsing of the breathing tissue at the back of the throat.  This will occur more often in a horizontal position, however sleeping at an angle should help.  A sleeper recliner could be a good solution for this problem because you get to choose which angle you want to sleep at.

Blood Circulation –

Sitting down for long periods of time is not good for your health, this is the same for sitting on a regular chair, sofa or recliner.  One of the main reasons for this is the lack of blood flow that will circulate throughout the body (when in a seated position for long periods of time), especially the legs.

However, a recliner is definitely the lesser of these evils.  When sitting on a regular chair, the blood flow follows gravity to the feet and doesn’t circulate so well.  What is more, the edge of the chair can cut off circulation to the lower legs.  A recliner can improve blood circulation by raising the legs, when the footrest is elevated.  In fact, with some zero gravity recliners, the legs can be raised higher than the heart.

Surgery Recovery –

When a person is recovering from serious surgery, they lose a lot of mobility.  Everyday tasks like sitting down, standing up and lying on a bed can be difficult.  This recovery period can be both painful and frustrating for the patient.  However, a power recliner chair can make things a lot easier.  The power recliner can be positioned forward at an angle, at the touch of a button.  This will make it easier to reach the seat when you want to sit down.  Another touch of a button will put the chair into a regular seated position.

The same forward angle can be achieved again when the patient wants to stand up.  All of this, can be done with little to no effort.  Allowing the patient to do these routine tasks, without putting any strain on their legs during their recovery.  Of course, the recliner sleeping chair will also be great for sleeping on.  Very helpful if the patient wants to nap during the day or sleep at an angle at night time.

Elderly –

Similar to patients recovering from surgery, the elderly and disabled have been known to get great benefit from a power lift recliner.  When a person is older, sitting down and standing up becomes harder to do due to weaker leg muscles and painful knees and hips.  The power lift recliner makes this task a lot easier to perform and has been a Godsend to many seniors.  A recliner will be a perfect sleeping aid for an older person that has some breathing difficulties or finds it painful to sleep horizontally.

Back Pain –

Top Rated Recliner For Relieving Lower Back Aches And PainsA survey showed that 80% of doctors preferred their patients (that suffered from back pain) to sit at a recline position and have their legs elevated.  They believe that this action would make a huge difference for pain relief and will take a lot of pressure off the spine.

Even a few minutes a day in this recline position can make a difference to how the patient will feel.  Sitting in a recline position will take weight off of the spine, relieving painful pressure.  Raising the legs will then put the body in a better angle while in the recline position.  This angle sounds like a nice position to be in, when you want to take a relaxing sleep also.

Acid Reflux –

Acid Reflux,  is a condition that can make a person feel very uncomfortable day or night.  It happens when acid from the stomach travels up the oesophagus, causing great discomfort around the heart and throat area.  Many sufferers find it worse sleeping in bed at night.  They find that sleeping in a horizontal position makes it easier for the acid to travel up the oesophagus.  When a person is having a period of Acid Reflux, sleeping on a recliner can make a world of difference in easing the pain.  The angle of the recliner will make it easier for the person to sleep because the acid can’t travel up the oesophagus.

Pregnancy –

Many pregnant women find it harder to sleep the further they are along in their pregnancy.  Back pain is a part of a pregnant woman’s life as the baby grows inside.  Therefore, finding a comfortable position to relax and sleep in, is of the utmost importance.  Man pregnant women swear by a recliner because the angle relieves a lot of pressure on their back.  The expecting mother can set the chair to the desired angle which will help take the load off her back.  Raising the footrest also helps with blood circulation and relieves the pressure on swollen ankles and feet.  With all of this pain and pressure relief, it’s not surprising many pregnant women use a recliner to sleep in.

Conclusion –

A recliner can be of great benefit for people suffering from health conditions and everyday aches and pains.  Sitting down for long periods of time is not a good idea.  However, if necessary then a recliner is a better option than a regular chair.  If you need to sleep at an angle then a recliner can be a great help and many people have had great results.  If you would like to see some of the best recliners for sleeping reviews to give you an idea of what is available, then follow the link.

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