Is Sleeping in a Recliner Bad for Your Back?

Have you ever sat back on your recliner to read a book or watch TV, not intending to fall asleep?

Then hours later, you wake up and notice the sun’s already up. Not only did you miss those TV episodes, but you  fell asleep in your recliner again. You never made it to your bed. So you find yourself asking this one question, “Is sleeping in a recliner bad for your back?”

Well, that’s what we are about to find out in this article.  So please keep on reading below.

Is Sleeping On A Recliner Bad For Your Back

Is Sleeping in a Recliner Unhealthy for my Back?

Well, we can’t deny the comfort factor a recliner can provide, and this is why it has long been considered the most luxurious seat in every home.  Some people find it even more comfortable to sleep in a recliner, than in a bed.

But would it hurt your back?  Well, the short answer to this question is, no.  Sleeping in a recliner is not bad for your back, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Sleeping in a recliner can actually help you relieve the pressure on your joints, which can be very helpful if you are suffering from osteoarthritis or any other condition that affects your back. This is because using a recliner will increase lumbar support, and therefore ease joint compression, pain and irritation.

Lying down in a semi-raised position will help you take the weight off your back.  It will also give a much-needed rest to your spinal cord, allowing your overworked core muscles get a chance to relax and recover.

In addition to that, a recliner will also allow you to elevate your legs. Elevating your legs is not only very relaxing but it also improves blood flow to the heart and body.  This improved blood flow will reach the muscles of your lower back, helping it heal and become much stronger.

There are a number of other health benefits you can get by sleeping in a recliner.  Lets have a look at them next.

Health Benefits You Can Get From Sleeping in a Recliner

Helps you breathe easily

Sleeping in a recliner will help open up the diaphragm, which allows you to breathe more easily. This position has been recommended to relieve the symptoms of acid reflux, heartburn, and GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease).

If you’re suffering from any of these, you will find relief in your recliner since sleeping in a more upright position will allow gravity to keep the acid in your stomach down.  As a result, you will get a better night’s sleep.

Some people suffering from sleep apnea have reported positive results from sleeping in a more upright position in their recliners. Sleep apnea is an interference in breathing during sleep, resulting in oxygen deprivation.

So the next time you are sitting in your recliner,  observe how easily you can breathe, only then will you realize why this is such a benefit.

Improves your blood circulation

All through the day, gravity will cause your blood to build up in your ankles and feet.  This may result in swelling and pain.  Pain that your recliner can soothe.  By lying back on your recliner and raising your feet up, the effect of gravity will not be as prominent, allowing the blood to easily circulate.

Helps people recover from surgery

In general, recliners are helpful for those who went through hip replacement or open heart surgery.  Heart bypass patients, for instance, have reported that they were not able to sleep on their sides for several weeks after the operation.  Sleeping in a more upright position (such as on a recliner) has allowed them to get a more restful sleep.

Helps you reduce stress

Sleeping In A Recliner Helps You RelaxI must say this is the most important benefit you will get from sleeping in a recliner. Stress is a major issue for most people these days and it can even complicate other health problems.

So it’s good to know that recliners can help reduce stress just by helping you to relax.  And since they are adjustable by nature, you can immediately find the best sleeping position, rather than tossing and turning or struggling with your pillow to find a comfortable position. As a result, you will have a much better sleep, which is one of the best stress reducers of all.

It has great effects on your nervous system

Just like reducing stress, a recliner can help you calm your nerves.  Your nerves are always on fire, working to keep your body moving, to get things done.  And by relaxing on a recliner, you will give your body the chance to heal as well as give your nervous system a much needed rest.

Provide pain relief for spinal stenosis

People suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis may find it uncomfortable sleeping on a flat mattress.  They may find comfort bending forward as opposed to standing straight.  Well, you may feel the same comfort and relief when sleeping in a recliner chair.

Helps prevent snoring

Sleeping In A Recliner For SnoringFor people that snore, the best sleeping position is lying on your side.  Lying on your side will allow your throat muscles and nasal passages to open.  And since there’s a proper alignment between your neck and spine, airways will be free-flowing.

But if you find sleeping on your side uncomfortable, you can also try sleeping on your back, at an incline.  Gravity will pull downwards the soft tissue in your airways, and away from the back of your throat.  Sleeping in a recliner is an easy way to achieve this position.

Helps soothe a night-time cough

If you’re suffering from a cough, the best sleeping position is on your back with your upper body elevated. When you lie down horizontally,  mucus in your lungs and clogged nasal cavities, make it almost impossible to breath comfortably.

Whenever I had a cough, I always found relief by elevating my upper body and sleeping on my back.  This meant a sleeper recliner was my bed replacement until my cough got better.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are a lot of factors that should be considered when answering this question. This includes health conditions, physical makeup, the comfort you need and of course, the quality of your recliner.

One thing is for sure though, you can get a great night’s rest in a recliner. Your body will benefit from the reduced pain, improved blood flow, reduced stress and so much more.

How about you?  Do you think sleeping in a recliner is bad for your back?  What’s your reason for sleeping in a recliner?  Have you noticed any discomforts after sleeping on a recliner?  Share it down below in the comment section, I’m sure your fellow readers would love to hear it too.


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