How to Fix a Recliner Chair Back

How to Fix a Recliner Chair BackYour recliner is an excellent place to relax and calm your mind after a long day at work. You can fall asleep, put your feet up, read a newspaper, or watch television in extreme comfort. But if you’ve had this piece of furniture for some time, you may have experienced a few issues with it. There are some simple fixes that can get your recliner back in tip top shape.  In this article, we have written a guide on how to fix a recliner chair back, like a pro.

Understanding Your Recliner

Recliners might look like any other chair, but they’re more than that. They have five different features: spring, pull handle, footrest, cable, and chair back. For this reason, repairing a recliner depends on which part is broken or needs extra attention. This article will focus on the recliner chair back.

What Tools Should You Have?

Although tools vary depending on which type of chair back your recliner has, there are some general tools that you should have regardless. For efficient working, have these tools at hand:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Flashlight
  • Adjustable wrench.
  • Other tools that might come in handy include patch kits, lubricant as well as any suspected replacement parts.

How to Fix Your Recliner Chair Back

If your recliner has a broken chair back or needs to be replaced, fixing it can seem like a complicated task. However, it’s not. First, you should begin by understanding what type of recliner back you have. Recliner chair backs come in three different types:

  • Locking lever- brackets are attached to the sides of the back. You should unhinge them to take them off. Then ensure that these levers are flipped upwards when removing the chair back.
  • Bottled on backs- these have their back bottom bolted beneath a panel on the chair back. To remove the back, one should unbolt them.
  • Locking tabs/catches- these have their backs locked into place. Use a flathead screwdriver to unlock them.

You should flip over your chair so that it rests on its arm to determine which type of chair back you have. Then you need to unscrew, unhinge, or unbolt to pull it off using different equipment depending on which type you have, as explained above. Next, you should flip the recliner to an upright position. And begin moving the back from side-to-side gently. Then start pulling it upwards, continue with these side movements until the chair back comes off.

How to Re-Install the Chair Back

  • Start by putting the back on the chair’s side arms such that it rests above the slots.
  • Next, lift your chair back gently, ensuring that it remains in line with the brackets. Note that in some high leg recliners, you may need to lift them up to locate their back brackets.
  • Then, fix the chair back to your recliner’s body by lowering it down. It’s essential that you ensure that the back and brackets are correctly aligned.

After, confirm if you’ve re-installed it back properly by gently moving it sideways. If it doesn’t move, then the repair was successful. However, if it’s not robust, it could be that you didn’t fit the brackets into the back properly. So, you should repeat the above steps.

Locking the Brackets

Once you’ve done everything right, you should secure the brackets back in place. Use slotted screwdrivers for pushing the lever down so that it firmly locks in. Experts advise that you lock down the brackets individually.

If your recliner chair back is a little too loose or stiff for your comfort, then follow these simple instructions in this video:

Final Thoughts

Well, any piece of furniture, regardless of its price or brand, will need repairs at some point. Therefore, knowing how you can quickly repair a recliner is essential as it’ll save you time and money. Fortunately, many recliner problems can be easily fixed. However, if you are unable to fix your recliner, you can always call for assistance from a recliner repair guy nearby.

That said, it’s also wise that individuals regularly inspect and perform routine maintenance on their recliners. One should routinely lookout for any parts that are worn out or any weakening signs in the frame and working mechanisms.

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