7 Simple Ways to Cat-proof a Recliner

Ways To Cat Proof ReclinerScratching on a recliner is a natural behavior for cats. While it is difficult to stop your cat from scratching furniture, there are some things that you can do to prevent your furry little friend from damaging your expensive recliner. In this article, we are going to give you a few tips on how to cat-proof a recliner.

7  Simple Ways to Cat-proof a Recliner

Use covers to protect your recliner

One of the best ways to prevent your cat from damaging your recliner is by adding a protective cover on top. There are many stylish covers on the market that you can use to cover your recliner. Make sure you cover the spot on the recliner where your cat likes to rest. Also, ensure that you choose a cover that is easy to clean and maintain.


Purchase a scratching post for your cat

If protecting your recliner using covers does not sound right for you, then you can purchase a scratching post for your cat. Buying an alternative scratching material for your cat means that you will not interfere with its natural behavior. However, you will have at least shifted its attention from your recliner to its new scratching post.

Place the scratching post in a strategic position, preferably next to the recliner. However, it may take time before your cat finally adapts, but with your help, it will eventually get used to it. Avoid buying a fluffy scratching post because your cat will reject it. Purchase something that mimics the natural habitat, such as tree bark.


Groom your cat regularly

One of the main reasons why your cat likes scratching on your recliner is to help shed some extra fur. If you groom your cat frequently, then you can help lower its appetite for scratching your recliner. If your cat’s nails are very sharp, file them to make them smoother. This will help decrease the intensity of damage just in case it decides to jump at the recliner.


Buy a beautiful bed for your cat

One of the reasons why your cat likes resting on your recliner is because it does not have its resting place. So, if your cat does not have a beautiful bed, buy one for her and see if things will change. Your cat may not like its new bed immediately, but with your guidance and assurance, it will slowly start getting used to it. Place its new bed right next to the recliner to make it easy for the cat to get used to it. The more your cat spends on her bed, the fewer scratches, odors, and stains you will find on your recliner.


Allow your cat to go outdoors

Cat OutdoorsRemember that scratching is a completely natural behavior for cats. The reason why the cat keeps scratching your recliner is that it is not given a chance to walk outside. If your cat is all grown, give it a chance to walk in the yard to do its thing. When the cat finally experiences the fun of scratching on the tree, it will find scratching on the recliner annoying. So, allow your cat some outside time so that it can enjoy performing this natural behavior.


Make this behavior look risky

Another brilliant way to prevent your cat from scratching your recliner is by making the behavior look risky. There are many things that you can do to make this behavior look risky. For instance, you can install a device that automatically rings when your cat gets close to your recliner. Cats hate strange noises and will try as much as possible to stay away from them. However, you should not hit your cat to prove the point. Just use simple but brilliant tactics to scare the cat away.


Buy the cat something to play with

Your cat may be scratching your recliner because it is idle and finds scratching as the only exciting thing to do. The best way to redirect your cat’s attention is by buying a toy that it can play with. If you buy a good toy that captures the attention of your cat, then it will start focusing on the toy and ignore the recliner.


In conclusion, if your cat is quickly damaging your furniture and you are wondering how to cat-proof the recliner, then the solutions discussed above can help you out. However, you need to be patient with your cat when employing these tactics.

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