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Top 3 Outdoor Recliner Patio Lounge Chair

Top 3 Outdoor Recliner Patio Lounge Chairs In my last article I reviewed several outdoor wicker recliners, all under $350.  There are recliners over double this price available also, however, I didn’t want to mix them all in together so I decided to make two separate review articles.  In this article I will be reviewing… Read More »

Best Value Outdoor Wicker Recliners

Best Value Outdoor Wicker Recliner Chairs Whether you are looking for luxury or want to find a bargain, there are recliners available for most budgets.  In this article I will be reviewing great value recliners under $350.  If you are looking for more expensive outdoor recliners, then follow this link to my top luxury outdoor… Read More »

5 Different Types Of Recliners

5 Different Types Of Recliners No other chair can compare to the recliner for comfort and relaxation and because of this, it is no surprise that it has been the people’s chair of choice for decades.  Did you know that the first recliner chair was owned by Napoleon III?(1.)  Napoleon III was the emperor of… Read More »

Top 5 High Leg Fabric Recliners

Top 5 High Leg Recliners Fabric Chairs High Leg furniture definitely adds a little class to a living room and when I see one of those classic looking high leg fabric recliner, it reminds me of old style movies with upscale opulent living rooms. Of course, many high leg recliners are more modern looking these… Read More »